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C&H Environmental is a scientific environmental consulting firm which was incorporated in 1995.  John H. Crow, Ph.D., and Timir B. Hore, Ph.D., C.P.G., have personally been active in environmental work since 1963.  All major company activity groups are headed by staff members with Ph.D. degrees or M.S.-level experience.  What makes C&H Environmental unusual is that its principals and top staff are involved directly in fieldwork, overseeing operations at the site rather than at a desk.


For more than two decades, the principals of C&H Environmental have focused on subjects relevant to land-use concerns. Specific company credentials include certification under the NJDEP Underground Storage Tank Certification Program (Subsurface Evaluation).  Dr. Hore is a Certified Professional Geologist under the American Institute of Professional Geologists, and is on the United Nations roster of groundwater experts.


Services offered by C&H Environmental include:


         Environmental Site Assessments [ASTM Phase I, II, III]

         underground storage tanks: removal and post-removal evaluation; soil remediation

         soil bioremediation in and ex situ

         hydrogeological investigation, groundwater remediation

         groundwater quality assessment

         regulatory compliance (RCRA, TSCA, CERCLA, OSHA etc.)

         filings under N. J. Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA)

         development and implementation of remedial investigation and remedial action plans in accordance with N.J.A.C. 7:26E

         wetlands delineations and wetlands permits

         Natural Resource Inventories

         Environmental Impact Reports/Statements


C&H also provides scientific consulting services for clients involved in environmental litigation.  We work closely with legal counsel in the areas of data gathering, report and brief preparation, and deposition and court testimony.  Dr. Crow, in particular, has been qualified as an expert witness in a number of courtroom settings.


Many of our current projects have begun with the review and evaluation of previous investigations and activities.  Recommendations to clients regarding incomplete or erratic data or a course of action necessary to complete the regulatory processes almost always lead to the transfer of the job to C&H Environmental.



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